Square Knot Ep

by Quinceañera

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released June 14, 2011

Recorded with Jon Reed in the first two months of summer 2011. The biggest thank you we can extend goes out to both him and our friends. We love you all dearly!



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Quinceañera Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Six O'Clock Rapture Party
give up
the shelter you’ve built has fallen over
the shelter you’ve built has fallen over
fallen over
under the weight of your sinking ship
i broke free six, six months ago
six years had wasted away
wasted away
wasted away
six years had wasted away
from all of the dreams we dreamt together
all of the dreams we dreamt together
all of the dreams we dreamt together
dreamt together
dreamt together

we grew older
under old oak trees
and counted the blades of grass
that crept one by one between our toes

we drew lines across your skin
criss crossing the avenues
that connect your heart to your head

i felt the sting of my forgiveness
square in the chest like a cold drip
your sweat was cold against me skin
the last time that our bodies touched
i could feel it in your motions
the last of you had left for good
Track Name: American Fable
and i swore i wasn’t my father’s son (i never wanted)
but the cat cries at my door (to do this to you)
so i scream to drown out the sound

stand up
speak out
your voice

the sun broke through the clouds
as the first tear fell from your face
looking back

dice slip through my fingers
roll into the cracks in the floor
bury you in my second chances
hidden in the cellar
where my mind never wanders

i am my father’s son
i never wanted this
Track Name: "Who Needs The Fucking Ocean?"
a familiar scent
hangs between the dashboard and i
the smell of two hour drives
just to climb up your stairs
only to be caught
in the morning

i moved on
i thought i had
but our love
was a body bag

two weeks you were lying next to me
two weeks only lying to me
only lying to me
Track Name: The Big Aristotle
your face

the night we first met
i told myself
don’t try too hard
she’s just like you
scared and out of place

i heard your name
whispered in my ear
just as you slid off the road
lost in the wreckage
your heart silenced
the faint beat
began to dim

i lost you two years ago
the deep sleep i thought i’d found
your face fades
more each day
Track Name: Walk Straight
as i put my bare hands
on your bare skin
i was relieved of the shortcomings
that had shortened my breath
when you pulled my body close
it felt safe to sleep
not haunted by the sirens
who sang to me
the specter of my faults
fell through the gaps in the faultline

two years too long
the two years i waited
buried two together
but i’ll ride the weather balloons
right out of this hole
and plunge into the open ocean
overwhelmed by her boundless depths

i never wanted to leave you behind
but you stared so blankly
when i motioned for you to follow
i never wanted to leave you behind
but you never needed me
to carry you ahead